Dual Staking

Dual Staking enables blockchains to utilize both their native tokens and restaked ETH to enhance their chain security. This model is especially useful for chains with an existing staking layer based on their native asset, as they can augment this layer with restaked ETH.

Process Outline:

  1. Operator Commitment: EigenLayer operators commit a specified amount of restaked ETH to validators on the native chain.

  2. Guardian Chain Transfer: The Guardian Chain aggregates this commitment and relays it via IBC to the native chain.

  3. Oracle Conversion: The native chain employs a price oracle to determine the equivalent value of the restaked ETH in native assets, applying discounts or multipliers as required.

  4. Power Mixing: The native chain then combines the voting power of native staking with delegated ETH and configures its validator set based on the mix.

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