What is Ethos?

Ethos is a security coordination layer that enables sovereign blockchains to easily bootstrap a validator network, leveraging the economic security of restaked ETH.

Ethereum stakers can restake their ETH on EigenLayer by delegating their tokens to operators who support Ethos. These operators allocate the delegated stake to an elected set of Guardians, who validate the Ethos Layer 1 chain (called “Guardian chain”). Through the mechanism we call Opt-In Shared Security, these Guardians can co-validate or delegate to secure any combination of L1 chains, extending the security of restaked ETH beyond the Ethereum ecosystem.

The Ethos ecosystem comprises 3 layers:

  1. The AVS contract deployed on EigenLayer that enables secure delegation of restaked ETH to Ethos Guardians

  2. The Guardian chain that uses the restaked ETH to co-validate or delegate to other L1s

  3. Ethos-powered chains that leverage the Guardians to easily bootstrap a decentralized trust network and/or increase their economic security.

Why Build with Ethos?

With Ethos, anyone building a sovereign L1 can quickly bootstrap a trust network and/or augment their economic security leveraging restaked ETH. Moreover, stakers on Ethereum can earn additional rewards from these L1 chains by restaking their ETH on EigenLayer and delegating it to Ethos operators.

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